Saturday, August 1, 2009


Send me a pic of your vision board! I want to see your dreams...


  1. Hi Shanel-

    What is the best way for one to begin putting their vision board together? I have put off making mine for sometime now because I really was not sure what to do and how to do it. If you could lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


  2. Hey Dawn! First off... proud of you for wanting one.. It means you are serious about your dreams!
    1. Go buy a piece of colored construction paper, a glue stick, siscors and several magazines (Or find old magazines... I like forbes, essence, "O" Mag, Health, Money and Black Enterprise)

    2. Sit down and ask yourself "what do I want" in every catagory in your life.... (Men, money, career, spirituality, Your house, car, body.. everything...)

    3. Look at that list and flip thru the magazines until you see a picture that illustraites what you want. Cut it out and post it on your board.

    4. Type and print out some motivational quotes like (I am amazing, Money flows to me freely and in abundance, God first, People Second Then Money, FOCUS, PERSISTANCE ETC...)

    5. On a post card write your "personal mission statement' Example: "I am in the process of creating the life of my dreams. I am committed to excellence and greatness and will accept nothing less than that. My goal is to become a doctor and empower people of this generation to be healthy and physically well. I am working everyday to achieve my goal and live within my purpose." OR you can make it simple... " I am in the process of making my life better than it has been for the past 25 years. I am going to eat better, get more rest, drink more water and smile more. I will save more money and learn how to be financially savvy so I can one day be financially free. I am an amazing woman and God has a purpose for my life. Today I will take a step towards that purpose."

    Read that post card once every morning and once every night.. until you memorize it and say it by heart.

    6. Get up every morning and look at your vision board in detail.. and plan your day in alighnment with whats on your board.

    I hope that helps Dawn! Send me a pic when your finished!

    Be Extraordinary!

  3. Hi Shanel

    My name is also Chanelle, and i recently come across one of your blogs that a friend of mine posted on there FB, but ever since i've been hooked!

    I think that your a great role-model and im only 19, but you've inspired me to really move out of the ordinary into the extraordinary, and chase after my dreams!

    Thank You!

    Here's a pic of my vision board... it's a working progress.

  4. Hey Chanelle! Thank you so much! Where is your vision board? I dont see it. Yes girl CHASE your dreams... you will catch them quicker!

    Keep in touch!

  5. Oh no it didn't come up!

    Maybe, i did it wrong. What do i do??

  6. Hello, just stopping by to say what a great blog you have. I've really enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you and best wishes

  7. Hi Shanel,

    I am Yaneike I'm from Jamaica, i watch all your post on youtube, i am very determined to be something extra-ordinary in life but i cannot pin-point it yet, first of all. All that you have said really speaks to me, i dont watch tv, well except for the news because i work at a radio station, i do my 9-5 but i have a biz on the side and i wanna start another biz real soon, i wanna do so many things with so limited money and at times i get overwhelmed by all of it, i get depressed then bounce right back to continue because as i said i cannot be ordinary, i refuse to live like the average jill. i need Advice on how do i continue? something is pushing me i dont know what but everytime i go down i rise back up, especially when i watch your post and dont ask how many times i've watch them (might get fired from my 9-5) i just really wanna know how do i keep this drive this push going, i mean avoid the depressive state. i have also been through alot and i just need to know how you've done it?

  8. Hi Shanel,

    I also recently came across your blog and I have a question. When there are lots of things you want to change in your life where do you start?

    I wasn't fortunate enough to grow up in a house hold where spirituality was embraced...its seemed more like a nuisance to my parents than anything else. I lost my mother when I was young, and I am the eldest of four so I am trying to pave a path for them to follow or at least clear a path.

    I also have weight issues, which I am trying to work on. With the death of my mother at 17, to clear that sadness out of my mind I submerged myself with college & work. I have been blessed enough to have the opportunity to now after 8 years have a decent job and I am still working on finishing up school.

    I have the same feelings that you did about no direction so I guess I am asking where to start? With the weight, school, spirituality, mentor? I love to cook so when I cook I feel a sense of accomplishment. I love to have people over and feed them...entertaining is a joy for me.

    I must sound like a jumbled mess. People always ask me for my opinions & sometimes I want to say that I don’t have my ish together so me giving my opinion seems hypocritical. A friend of mine posted your blog on fb "all men aren't dogs", and just listening to you speak captured my attention. I will admit that I listened to everyone of your blogs today lol. When I get home tonight I am going to purchase your book because I believe it’s going to be worth reading. I also need to seek out a strong mentor that can help point me in the right direction.

    Last but not least...your beautiful, I don't know you from Eve but you can just tell. There is something really special about you. You've touched me lol and that’s a wonderful thing. This weekend I am going to work on my board & post you a picture.

    I wish truly wish you the best with your endeavors & your words speak volumes to those who are truly listening....

  9. Hi Shanel,

    I wanted to know what steps did you take to become a certified lifestyle coach, I am very interested in learning more about becoming a certified lifestyle coach, is there a website or book that you can refer?



  10. What's up Shanel,

    Don't know if you have a lot of fans from Canada, Montreal (a french canadian) but I'm definitly one of them. I have choosen you as my life coach because I relate to what you say in your blogs. I was one of those proud women, independant one who didn't think they NEEDED a man,I could do everything by myself. I just wanted someone to share a life and nothing more but you opened my eyes to reality. Thx a lot! You are far away and making a difference in peoples life all over the world. I just turn 29 and you made a difference in mine.

    I've been taking time for myself to think about what I want from life. My BIG issue right now is sticking to what I want to achieve. I love adventure, discovering new things and going out there. I'm the kind of girl people come to for advice. But unfortunatly, for myself, I start and never finish. I started guitar lessons and didn't finish.I started pilates and never returned after a while. I paid a gym subcription and after 2 months never went back. What the hell is wrong with me???????? Seriously I'm starting to think that I will never finish anything. I just finish my vision board(after starting it a month and a half ago)and was wondering where do I go from now, to make it actually happen. How do I stop procrastination and have self discipline? Pleaaaaaaaaase help me?

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  12. Shanel,

    You are truly inspiring, I have learned so much from you.
    I have recently made a vision board, and among many other pictures, I added one of you, simply because you have helped me so much, even though I am only 17 years old.
    Actually you have helped my mother too. She doesn't know you, but using your knowledge, I have helped her get out of a depression caused by my parents separating after 20 years of marriage. I made her make a vision board too, make her realize that her life is NOT over, that she still is beautiful and strong and can achieve whatever she wants to. After a while she had a new man from work in mind, but she was unsure and self-conscious. Once again, I used what I learned from you to boost her confidence and make her embrace her fate. They are now happily together. He is a good man, he takes care of her. Because of his job, he travels a lot, and she joins him. She never travelled much before, but now that she is seeing the world, she is extremely happy. She feels bad about leaving me home alone for weeks at a time, but this has taught me to become self-sufficient and I feel better than ever. I lost 25 pounds over the past year, quit smoking, am eating right, and have found an amazing boyfriend. All this I could never have done without you. All this could never have made it happen for me and my mother.
    Thank you for everything.


  13. I did mine shanel look!!

  14. Hey Shanel,
    I made a new vision board today, I wanted to show you... You're in it again :)

    Do you love it?
    Ps. I also added things to the board that I already have, so that when I'm down, I don't just see the things I want but don't have, but also the good things in my life that I have. :)

  15. Hi Shanel,
    I’m a young educated single mom with a certification as an image consultant and event planner. I’ve been employed with the same company for over ten years but my heart is not there it’s in my dreams. My goal is to be a successful entrepreneur and publish a memoir but it’s hard very hard when you don’t have a lot of resources. What advice do you have on accomplishing these goals and branding myself with little money or with what one call “a shoe string budget”? Please advise….

    And I’ve started on my vision broad as well as my mission statement on the postcard.

    Reeshemah Johnson, AOC

  16. hi shanel.

    im a 23year old single guy ,never been married and no kids and my problem is i get turned off when a girl tells me she gut a kid .. i dnt know wat to do cause it seems all cute single girls have kids ...wat cn i do ???